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Your Website + Social Profiles: A Tiny Tip That Tips the Scales

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

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Getting this tiny detail wrong can cost you precious ranking points with Google 😬 but it’s super easy to fix right now. When it comes to contact information, consistency across platforms matters.

Google will ding you if:

Your website says your business address is “1000 Walnut Drive” and your Facebook Business Page reads "1000 Walnut Dr.” 🤯 That’s “Drive” vs. “Dr.” for those of you that didn’t catch it.

Same goes for your phone number and other contact information associated with your business. If your phone number is separated by dashes on your website, don't separate it with periods on Facebook. 🙅‍♀️

Pick a contact info format and keep that format consistent on each platform associated with your business.

Be specific.

While Google is in many ways our modern day guru, safekeeping the infinite wisdoms of our world — it’s not an autonomous, critically-thinking AI and requires us to be very specific with our information delivery.

While to an adult human brain something like “Drive” vs. “Dr.” is a trivial “Duh!” To Google it’s more like “I don’t know if this is the same company...Looks similar but is it? 🙇” and when Google can’t come to a solid conclusion, your business loses brownie points and gets de-prioritized in lieu of websites that make it crystal clear. Simple.

Got it?

Go fix it! 😉🌟


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