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When it comes to digital design, we've come to raise the bar

Specialists are a big part of how the big players bring the quality that everyone now expects from their software products.


Mobile UX and UI design is our specialty. Whether you’re building an app from the ground up, adding a new feature or looking to outsource a portion of a project for a client, our team of user experience and user interface specialists will position your digital product for the five-star big leagues.

UX Design

User Experience design

UX design is the foundation upon which a digital product's success is built. When it comes to information architecture (IA), our IA experts work to design scalable, flexible, consistent UX systems that can grow over time without breaking patterns or frustrating the user with inconsistencies, inefficiencies, or worst of all, not addressing the actual problems they face.



User Journey





& Prototyping

Testing & Iteration

UX Spec &

UI Handoff

User Interface design

Our design talent are both, the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of their field. We’re proud to have built a visual design team of top-tier industry players who are critical thinkers, creative collaborators and approach life with a sense of humor (which makes all the difference when the midnight oil is burned in crunch mode). They've also done their time at companies like Apple, Google, Oculus and AirBnb, just to name a few.


Design Audit

Asset Collection

& Style Setting

High-Fidelity Design Mocks

UX Adjustment Suggestions

Final Mocks

& Prototype

Development Handoff

UI Design
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What about development?

Our in-house design team is well-versed in the workflows and processes of agile development teams. When it comes to design-to-dev handoff, we're happy to collaborate with your in-house development team, preferred development vendor or engage one of our on-shore or off-shore development partners to ensure a seamless production flow through the final stages of your project.

  • Do you design websites?
    Yes! With the exception of E-commerce sites, we do also provide web design services to our clients. If you have a web project in mind and would like to explore working with us, please fill out our initial Web Project Scope Questionnaire which covers the high-level information we'll need from you to help inform and better guide our subsequent deeper-dive into your project's creative and technical vision via Zoom.
  • Can you handle web / app development?
    Yes! While design is our in-house specialty, we've partnered with several thoroughly vetted agile development teams and if necessary, are able to shepherd a project through both, design and development stages. Development Partner Locations & Timezones Mobile & Web App Projects Los Angeles, CA Kyiv, Ukraine Web Projects Minsk, Belarus Are language barriers with off-shore dev teams an issue? No, aside from the fact that key members of our team speak Russian, our Eastern European off-shore teams have excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • How do you scope & estimate projects?
    Project Scoping Once you've contacted us through our website, you'll received a follow-up email with links to our Web & App Project Scope Pre-Screen Questionnaires. Questionnaires are project-specific so please fill out only the one that represents your project type. Fill out both only if your project includes both, an app and a website. Our questionnaires are designed to answer key high-level questions about your project that would otherwise take a significant portion of the subsequent 30-45 min Project Discovery Session via Zoom. Once we've received your Scope Pre-Screen Questionnaire, someone from our team will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a Project Discovery Session via Zoom during which we'll take a deeper dive into your project requirements and scope. If during our Discovery Session we determine that your project scope requires further clarification, we'll suggest a 1-3 hour Scoping Session with our project team during which we'll explore your project scope from a UX, development and project management perspective ultimately resulting in a thorough and dependable Scope Document. You can always opt to draft or refine your scope document on your own and schedule a follow-up Discovery Session with us to review your changes & clarifications. Here's a guide to putting together your Scope Doc. Project Estimation Project estimates depend on scope, deliverables and project team size. The best way to ensure an accurate estimate (from us, or any design firm), is to have a thorough Scope Document drafted before any estimation takes place. Here's a guide to putting together your Scope Doc.

Ready to elevate your digital?

Still have questions?

We get it, with so many options out there, choosing the right design firm can be stressful. We'd love to e-meet meet you, give you an in-depth tour of how we work and answer any questions you may still have.

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