People Fund

Defined UX patterns and designed a pixel-perfect UI and motion graphics promo video for People Fund - a P2P wealth management app. 

Our UX approach

Money management is something that causes anxiety in most people. From ad hoc interviews with middle-class earners, we learned that despite understanding the importance of saving and investing, most people do very little of either. Furthermore, algorithmic management platforms were viewed as less trustworthy than human advisors. Our goal was to design the platform to alleviate this anxiety by easily, and transparently connecting people with top financial advisors and put money management where it belongs - in the hands of verified professionals.


Pixel-perfect UI

We chose purple as the primary color of People Fund due to it's symbolism of wealth, wisdom & independence - reflecting the three core pillars of the platform. The UI was designed to visually emphasize key data of greatest value to a user faced with choosing a wealth manager they can trust. The overall aesthetic & illustrative accents were also chosen to speak to People Fund's target demographic - millennials, who prefer a friendlier, un-intimidating visual experience - especially when it comes to services traditionally perceived as confusing & complex, such as money management.


A focused UI emphasizing key data for quick, scannable search.

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