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To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

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The internet is littered with articles like “7 Reasons Your Site Needs a Blog” vs. “7 Reasons Blogging Is Dead” — what the actual heck? To blog or not to blog? 🤯 The answer is actually very simple…

The dreaded question...😓 Unless you’re a #blogger (right?) but let’s be real, most of us just want to run our actual business in peace so why does this whole blogging thing keep floating into our periphery and who’s even going to read said blog posts anyway? 🙄

If you're tired of the internet's conflicting info and ready to finally figure out what's right for your business (every business is unique and with unique needs - duh?), here's an ultra simple guide to making that decision right now, once and for all.

So, to blog or not to blog?

✅ Blog on your website if:

Your business relies on organic traffic. i.e: you need people to be able to find your business through Google search. We’ll explain why further down in this post.

✅ Micro-blog on Instagram or Facebook if:

You are looking to establish yourself as an authority in a particular market and you actually have something unique, interesting and important to say. A different perspective on an issue or new approach to solving a problem. Something real. If you're not real on social media and not providing actual value to someone, you're giving people no reason to follow you. Makes logical sense, right?

Micro-blogging = long-form social post captions telling a story, sharing a tip, offering insight into a frequently asked question in your niche etc.

Ideally: You'd micro-blog on both by sharing your Instagram posts to Facebook.

✅ Blog on your website AND micro-blog on Instagram or Facebook if:

You are looking to establish yourself as an authority in a particular market and you need to be searchable on Google because you're not a word-of-mouth business and your bottom line relies on organic traffic to your website.

No need to blog anywhere if:

You don’t care to set yourself apart as an authority in your field and you don’t necessarily care about being found on Google. If you're a baller word-of-mouth business or have a steady stream of press coverage online, you can go ahead and delete that dust-collecting “Blog” page on your site with no business consequences. ⚰️ 👋

Why do I need to blog if my business depends on Organic traffic?

Super simple. Say you sell surf lessons online and you want tourists to Google “Hermosa Beach surf lessons” and find your business. Google will prioritize websites where the keyword “surf lessons” appears the most. So your competitor with a blog that mentions the keyword “surf lessons” across 20 blog posts will appear higher than you in a vacationer’s search until you write 21 blog posts mentioning that keyword. (Unless they have 10 five star Google reviews and you have 20.) #itsadelicatedance

We know what you’re thinking…"Can’t I just go and type “surf lessons” 21 times on my Home page and skip the blogging? 😈" Unfortunately no. The use of your target keywords needs to make logical sense to Google. Just like you can’t walk up to another person on the street and say “surf lessons” 21 times to get them to sign up with you (definitely film and post that if you try — it’s guaranteed to go viral, you’re welcome.) you can’t do that when it comes to Google either.

Blogging is the easiest way to generate content with a high SEO value.

The more “value” you put out into the world via informative posts on topics relevant to your target customer, the higher Google will rank you because Google’s mission is simple — to quickly delivery high quality, requested information to the requesting party.

Your blog = information = value = higher quality score = higher Google rankings = organic traffic.

Simple. 👌


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