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SEO: Does it even matter to your business?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

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Not all businesses with a web presence actually need to care about it. 🤯 SEO companies will definitely try and sell everyone on the idea that SEO is the end all be all online and everyone should definitely pay $X per month for it. 🧙‍♂️💰 Some businesses definitely should, but not all. Here's why...

SEO: 🥱 right?

The internet has managed to convert a simple concept into a cross between Casper the ghost and rocket science.


SEO only matters if your business relies on organic search engine traffic.

✅ SEO matters if:

ex) You’re a real estate agent with a website catering to a specific geographic location. As a realtor, you’re probably going to want to be found by home-buyers Googling "West Hollywood realtors” thus you actually need to pay attention to SEO in order to outrank other realtors in your area for that keyword. If you don’t, you’re guaranteed to lose out on a decent chunk of business.

Note: We’ll explain the simple mechanics of SEO (and how to map out your own SEO strategy) in a separate post.

SEO doesn't matter if:

ex) You’re a high-end wedding cinematographer shooting celebrity weddings via word-of-mouth and because your reputation in the press precedes you. Extreme example but based on an actual case study. If you get the vast majority of your business either via word-of-mouth or via an established social media presence (here's looking at you, IG influencers) that funnels traffic to your site, not paying attention to SEO won’t really affect your bottom line.

That’s it.


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